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Tommy Bungle

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Tommy Bungle is a friendly, fun loving clown who brings circus themed fun & entertainment to any event.

The fun includes Walk about & Ride about Clowning, Magic Tricks, Balloons, Music, Clown Bike, Puppets.......etc.

Basic Circus skills are 'performed' - in Tommy's own way !!!!!

Mr Bungle

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Mr Bungle - the Entertainer is a must for any Party or Event.

Shows can include any of the following:

Magic Tricks, Balloon Modelling, Music & Games, Punch & Judy, and much more......

Party bookings are generally

 for 1 or 2 hours.

Events can be up to 6 hours with multiple performances & walkabout

mix and mingle.

Trained in the use of


Comedy Clown Shows

Having Marko and Tommy's New Touring Show at your event is a guaranteed winner !!!!!

Action packed Fun & Entertainment from start to finish.

Shows are suitable for all ages.

Ideal for Carnivals, Holiday Parks, Events and Weddings.

A minimum flat area of 15m x 15m 

is required with vehicle access, or a hall with a stage is ideal.

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Circus Stars on Tour

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